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  • ZQ-II shares stunningly unveiled at 2018 Thailand Bangkok International Beauty Expo

ZQ-II shares stunningly unveiled at 2018 Thailand Bangkok International Beauty Expo

2021-01-26 11:25:04

Exhibition Name: Bangkok International Beauty Expo, 2018 Thailand

Exhibition time: September 20-22, 2018

Name of the pavilion: IMPACT Convention and Exhibition Center, Bangkok

Through unremitting efforts, ZQ-II has begun to expand overseas markets, and has participated in beauty exhibitions in Dubai, Russia, Cambodia and other regions, and has reached cooperation with local hospitals. This time we came to Thailand to see the current situation of the exhibition!

The company's overseas colleagues provide professional explanations and guidance for clients.

Hong Kong Yasha Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which uses advanced bioengineering technology and unique medical skin care production technology, is a professional research and development, production, sales and training of biomedical devices, skin barrier repair dressings, medical skin care products and skin regeneration. Integrated and innovative high-tech medical skin care products and medical device companies, the effectiveness and safety of the products exceeds the clinical use of 6,000 public hospitals. The adjuvant treatment effect is remarkable, the nature is mild, and the adverse reaction rate is extremely low. 

1. 10,000-level GMP production workshop, no need for outsourcing processing, strict quality control 2. Have a 10,000-level microbiology laboratory 3. Have a strong team of experts and engineers R & D team 4. Stem cell research laboratory, the industry is not More companies with stem cell research laboratories.

ZQ-II products have passed the US FDA registration application and the EU CE quality management system certification, and the quality has reached global standards.