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  • 150 Ml Draw Out Impurities 150 Ml TP Cleansing Foam

    Size: 150 ml

    ZQ-II TP Cleansing Foam helps to draw out impurities, excess oil and pollutants without disrupting skin barrier. Daily dirt is removed to help maintain a bright, fresh, healthy-looking complexion, which prevents acne and comedo formation. It is ideal for all acne stages.

    • Neutral formula without causing tension

    • Gently clean your skin with meticulous foam

    • Romove redundant oil and purify skin deeply without feeling tight

    • Supply moisture and endow you with fresh, watery and sparkling skin
  • Rejuvenation 25g Rejuvenation Moisturizing Silk Mask

    Size: 25g*6

    ZQ-II Moisturizing Rejuvenation Silk Mask could deliver a concentrated surge of healing hydration, while it can soothe intolerant skin, reduce the secretion of inflammatory mediators and promote collagen synthesis, anti-aging.

    • Long-Lasting Hydration

    •“Breathable” membrane

    • Boost skin cell regeneration, achieve a firmer and younger look
  • 50ml Refines Skin Texture 50ml HA Serum

    Size: 50ml

    ZQ-II HA Serum penetrates skin’s deep layer to diminish lines and wrinkles, refines the look of skin texture. Whilst, micromolecular hyaluronic acid can reduce secretion of inflammatory mediators.

    • 24H Long-lasting hydration

    • Improve appearance in skin firmness, smoothness, plumpness

    • Support skin barrier restoration and function
  • 100ml Mild Moisturizing Formula 100ml Moisturizing Toner

    Size: 100ml

    ZQ-II Moisturizing Toner gently renews skin while keeping it moisturized and healthy, setting a clean and balanced stage for your skincare routine. Made with mild moisturizing formula, mini size Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin.

    • 4D hyaluronic acid formula for skin hydration

    • Long-lasting hydration

    • Milk-like texture is easily spread and quickly absorbed