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  • Amino Acid 100G Amino Acid Moisturizing Cleanser

    Size: 100G

    ZQ-II Moisturizing Amino Acid Cleanser featuring Amino Acid formula gently removes away daily makeup, impurities while maintaining a moisturized finish after cleansing as a hypoallergenic cleanser. 

    • Retain moisture during cleansing process

    • Calm and sooth sensitive skin

    • Suitable for caring after photoelectric operation and anti-inflammatory
  • 50g Ceramides 50g Skin Barrier Repairing Gel

    Size: 50g

    Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. The product is formulated with essential ceramides (1,3) to help restore and maintain the skin barrier function.

    • Smooth, light-weight texture is absorbed quickly

    • Leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated, never greasy

    • Fragrance free, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic
  • CE Asiatcoside CE Repairing Soothing Mask

    Size: 25g*5

    ZQ-II Repairing Smoothing Mask is designed for postoperative laser care and daily routine. It improves laser post operation adverse reactions such as pruritus, pricking, burning sensation, taut sensation and erythema, drying, desquamation, while accelerating the skin barrier function.

    ● CE, FDA Medical Device

    ● Fruit fibre membrane for deep moisturizing without irritation

    ● The mask formulated with exclusive ingredients “asiatcoside” with refreshing texture to maintain skin balancing care while providing comfortable soothing and moisturizing care
  • FDA Disposable FDA Medical Ice Pack

    Size: 150g

    ZQ-II Medical Ice Pack is disposable medical sterile physiotherapy. These disposable cold packs are ideal for laser post cold compressing therapy, strained muscles, sprained joints, toothache, headache, insect bites, contusions, minor burns and more.

    ● FDA Medical Device

    ● Get Instant pain relief with cold therapy

    ● Don’t put them in the freezer

    ● Use it on any part of your body