The sensitive skin have to check it

2021-08-20 11:44:39

Does your face easy to redden in hot or cold weather? Even when you come into a room with air conditioner.

Sensitive skin is prone to redness because the skin stratum corneum is thin. 



Why is it so?

1. Congenital thin stratum corneum

2. Improper acquired care; such as improper use of cosmetics (such as containing hormones, lead, mercury, irritating ingredients) or excessive exfoliation, causing damage to the basal layer cells, and the stratum corneum cannot be effectively divided The stratum corneum becomes thinner and thinner over time.

So help thicken the stratum corneum of your skin is the most important thing.


How should I do?


Firstly, use Amino Acid Cleaner to wash face, gentle cleansing to protect sensitive skin. Then use Repair Factor Essencetoner-textureto spray in the face. Finally use skin barrier repairing gel( facial cream).

In the meantime, use Repairing Soothing Mask once a day.

This series helps the face reduce redness and swelling and quickly repair the skin barrier.


Safe and effective ingredients without any additives.

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