Size: 15g

ZQ-II Cymen Soothing Gel reduces inflammation by clear away the dirt and superfluous grease in pores by the core ingredients of Cymen-5 and Asiatcoside. Breakouts will be cleared and new acne will be prevented to form, which ultimately restores skin's texture and tone.

• A long-term protection gel for acne-prone skin

• Natural plant compound formula without stimulation

• Oil control, reduces inflammation, shrinks pores

• Reduces the risk of scarring and hyper-pigmentation


Further Information



     •  O-Cymen-5-OL

     •  Asiatcoside

     •  Ceramide 3

     •  Matrine


     Oily, Acne, Combination, Sensitive

      HOW TO USE

      Apply proper amount to acne area morning and evening or as often as needed



The breeding of acne is currently induced by anaerobic bacteria, among which propionibacterium acnes is the main bacterium causing acne, which can cause skin inflammation and explosive infections. Many people especially those with oily skin, are troubled by acne, which seriously affects daily life and social activities. Therefore, it is very important to find an efficient, less irritating, and safe method to treat acne.

Cymen-5 is a safe, efficient and stable bactericidal preservative, and has been approved by the FDA for direct or indirect use in food, medicine, and cosmetics review team (CIR) approved for use in cosmetics. It can effectively combat the propagation of propionibacterium acnes, prevent the occurrence of acne, effectively relieve and remove acne, and repair damaged skin.

Cymen-5 (cymene) has the following characteristics:

(1) No skin irritation, highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, quickly relieve inflammation, redness and swelling.

(2) It has the effect of preventing acne and preventing the deterioration of acne.

(3) It has a superior acne-killing effect, can quickly penetrate into the skin, and act from the inside of the skin to prevent acne, strengthen the skin's prevention ability, focus on diminishing acne marks, and restore the delicate and bright skin of the problematic skin. It can soften and eliminate acne formation. Excessive sebum secretion is the cause of acne. After sebum enters and clogs the pores, acne bacteria multiply and cause inflammation, thereby forming acne. For the formed acne to act on the acne site quickly and effectively control the excess sebum, the key cymene-5-ol can effectively attack the acne. Not only can it effectively combat the proliferation of acne-causing acne bacilli, prevent rough skin, but also strengthen the skin's preventive ability.

(4) It is gentle and non-irritating to use. It shrinks pores and controls excess skin secretion at the same time to keep skin moist and healthy.

(5) Good stability, easy to store for a long time, and high safety. Does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals.

Cymen Soothing Gel has a clear and transparent appearance, and the gel has unique rheological properties. It can suspend small particles such as gelatin beads. It has a certain ornamental value and is often used in high-end skin care cosmetics. The skin care gel formulation overcomes the shortcomings of grease and emulsion type ointments. The hydrophilic gel matrix is non-greasy, easy to spread, easy to clean, and has a certain adhesive force, which can prolong the contact with the skin. Time to increase the absorption concentration of effective substances. In addition, the gel has good biocompatibility, and has the advantages of slow release and controlled release for the release of effective substances.