Size: 25g*5

The core ingredient is Fucogel from SOLABIA of France, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide. Fucogel, worldwide reference for its S.M.A.R.T (Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-aging, Restructuring, Touch) properties is now also available in this mask. It is not only blessed with both immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effects, but also endows a soft silky sensation to cosmetic products.es.

•Soft Silky Sensation: The core ingredients of which are Fucogel from SOLABIA of France, HA and Ceramide.

•Long-lasting Moisturizer

•Fruit Fiber Membrane: Unique sheet membrane maximize the absorption from essence to the skin, perfectly fits on skin.


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 • Fucogel

 • 4D Micromolecular Hyaluronic Acid

 • Ceramides


Dry, Normal, Sensitive, Combination 


Unfold and place onto clean skin for 10-20 minutes. Remove and massage excess into the skin for ultimate hydration.



Fucogel, the main component is fucoidan (also known as fucoidan). Biological carbohydrate glue-1 has strong water binding ability, even in a low-humidity environment, it has a good water absorption effect and at the same time forms a breathable surface on the skin. To prevent skin moisture from evaporating, Fucogel has both instant and long-lasting moisturizing and hydrating effects. Application in dermatology not only has moisturizing and soothing effects, but also gives cosmetic products a soft and silky skin feel, providing cosmetic formulators with more choices of high-quality raw materials, and has become the new favorite of international cosmetics brands.

Fucogel function: soothing and anti-allergic and moisturizing

1. Soothing and anti-allergy

Fucogel competitively affects the membrane receptors located in keratinocytes and regulates cell signals, thereby alleviating skin sensitivity problems!

2. Moisturizing

Fucogel has a strong binding ability, even in a low humidity environment, the water absorption effect is also very good, and at the same time it will form a breathable sugar film on the skin surface to prevent the skin from evaporating again, and it is easier to be degraded by skin enzymes into smaller ones. Molecular Fucogel to absorb and provide stronger hydration.

Efficacy of ZQ-II Daily Moisturizing Nurising Mask:

1. Long-acting moisturizing agent, extremely moisturizing the skin, alleviating the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin

2. Excellent bio-film forming agent, forming a bio-elastic film, quickly soothing the skin

3. Without increasing the viscosity, improve the delicate and tender skin feel, and give the product a relaxed and pleasant feeling

Fucoidan is widely used in medicine. It has a variety of biological activities such as anticoagulation, lowering blood lipids, antitumor, antiviral, and enhancing the body's immune function. It once became a hot spot in drug research. Applied in dermatology, it not only has the effects of moisturizing and moisturizing, and soothing and anti-allergy, but also can give skin care products a soft and silky feeling, regulate the user's mood, and give a pleasant sensory experience and a feeling of happiness.

Current medical research shows that fucoidan also has two-way regulation of immunity, scavenging oxidative free radicals, anti-aging, and has more than 20 physiological effects such as promoting skin regeneration and skin moisturizing.

How to apply a mask

1. Nursing mask does not need to be applied every day

A simple moisturizing mask can be applied every day when it is first applied, but after the skin is stable, it is not recommended to apply it every day. Because our skin needs normal metabolism, excessive use of masks will leave the skin in a hydrated state, which will destroy the original skin environment. So after the skin has improved, you don't need to apply the moisturizing mask every day, just apply it 3 times a week.

Applying moisturizer mask for dry skin is a good thing, but you have to choose the right product according to your skin and your financial situation. 

2. The application time is not suitable for too long. 

Once some people apply the face, they need to cover the face with a moisturizing mask for many hours, or even one night after application, trying to "suck up" every drop of essence water or nutrients. That approach is not advisable. Because the moisturizing mask covers the face for too long, it will affect all the normal metabolism of the skin somatic cells on the face, and it will be harmful to the excretion of all the normal components of the skin. In addition, once the moisturizing mask is dry, the rate of diffusion of nutrients into the skin will be greatly reduced. A dry moisturizing mask will digest and absorb the moisture in the skin. The time to remove the moisturizing mask varies from type to type, usually around 15 minutes.