Size: 3ml*12


ZQ-II GHK-CU Serum is designed with 99% purification cooper tripeptide to against static wrinkles. Whilst, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 inhibits the formation of dynamic wrinkles. The GHK-CU Serum can tighten the skin and reduces wrinkles caused by smiling, squinting, and other tight movements.

• The killer of static and dynamic wrinkles

• Tightens skin and fine lines over the face

• Hydrating and elastic


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    •  Tripeptide- Copper 1 

    •  Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

    •  4D Hyaluronic Acid


   Dry, Normal, Combination, Aging, Sensitive


   MESO Treatment with microneedle, RF, Nano Tips, etc.



Scientists found GHK-Cu peptide (Copper Peptide) in the blood serum, which is a complex of 3 amino acids and 1 Cu2 +. Since the discovery of the "blue copper peptide", scientific research institutions have done a lot of in vitro experiments and clinical comparison experiments to compare with the traditional anti-aging ingredients VC and VA. It was found that blue copper peptides have multiple effects on the skin, which can be summarized as follows: 1. Anti-aging; 2. Promoting healing and repairing damaged skin; 3. Anti-oxidation.


The blue copper peptide has multiple functions, not only as a messenger, but also with carrying and transporting function.

After Ghk-cu Serum enters the skin, it can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, reduce fine lines, and tighten the skin. In addition, it can stimulate the formation of GAGS (glycosaminoglycans). This helps thicken the dermis, thereby reducing sagging and helping to firm the skin. It can make the skin plump, moisturized and full of elasticity. Researchers have done a lot of research on the anti-aging and wrinkle-removing effects of blue copper peptides. In vitro experiments have shown that its ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen precursors is stronger than anti-aging ingredients such as retinoic acid and vitamin C. The anti-aging effect of blue copper peptide is unquestionable, but the wrinkle-removing effect is not as fast as that of vitamin A. It takes several months to experience the effect. Of course, blue copper peptides are mild, non-irritating, and safe, which are also much better than ingredients such as vitamin A.

Promote still healing, repair damaged skin

In addition to anti-aging, Ghk-cu Serum can promote the growth, division and differentiation of nerve cells and immune-related cells, can effectively promote wound healing and hair growth, and repair damaged skin. Blue copper peptides can inhibit the synthesis of many inflammatory factors and have anti-inflammatory effects.

This is why some businesses recommend using products containing blue copper peptides for post-care after acupuncture clearing and removing acne. There are small wounds on the skin surface. Damaged, sensitive and fragile skin to apply skincare products containing blue copper peptide will effectively repaired.


The antioxidant effect of Ghk-cu Serum has been confirmed in vitro and animal experiments. By stimulating the enzymatic action of superoxide dismutase, it acts as an effective antioxidant. It can block the formation of reactive oxygen species, remove various peroxides, protect keratinocytes from ultraviolet rays, and block free radical damage to the liver, finally protect the liver. The blue copper peptides can excellently brighten the complexion, refine the skin and prevent skin aging.