Size: 150g

ZQ-II Medical Ice Pack is disposable medical sterile physiotherapy. The lowest temperature is 0 °C , which can protect the skin from frostbite. It is ideal for laser post cold compressing therapy, muscles strain, joints sprain, toothache, headache, insect bites, contusions, minor burns and more.

● FDA Medical Device

● Get Instant pain relief with cold therapy

● Normal temperature preservation

● Use it on any parts of body


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      • Potassium Carbonate

      • Freezing Medium


     All skin types


      •  Squeeze it both sides

      •  Shake content

      •  Tear up outer package

      •  Apply it to the affected area



The types of medical ice packs are very simple, mainly divided into reusable ice packs for coolers and disposable ice pack homemade. The main purpose is to cool down products in an environment that requires low-temperature refrigeration and transportation.

In medicine, some things must be transported under refrigerated conditions, such as various frozen reagents, medicines, plasma, vaccines, etc. If these things are not transported under refrigerated conditions, their shape will be affected. So that the final detection or curative effect is not accurate enough.

Disposable ice packs use chemical reagents in the bag to absorb heat through chemical reactions. The main ingredients are urea and ammonium nitrate.

Urea, also known as carbon amide, is easily soluble in water and has a neutral reaction in water. After reacting with water, it can quickly absorb heat, thereby playing a role in rapid cooling. Ammonium nitrate is a kind of ammonium salt, which is colorless and odorless transparent crystal or white crystal. It is easily soluble in water, and it also absorbs heat while dissolving in water. It is a very high-quality cooling product.

Medical disposable ice packs are based on the principle that chemicals dissolve in water to absorb heat. When in use, you only need to press or rub the outer bag. As long as the internal water bag ruptures, the contents can be dissolved and absorbed to the effect of local cooling.

There are many ways to use medical disposable ice pack for knee, such as reduce fever, anti-inflammatory pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprain, hemostasis, suppuration, skin care and other auxiliary physiotherapy, as well as perishable products, biological preparations and all those that require refrigerated transportation product. As follows:

1. It can be used as a daily cooling and antipyretic, and it can be used as a cold compress in various situations to assist in anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving cold compresses;

2. It can be used for refrigerated transportation, especially in the face of some special items, such as plasma, vaccines, drugs, etc., which require medical ice packs to maintain the properties of the items to avoid deterioration;

3. It is often used in sports to deal with some accidents;

4. As a cold storage product, it can be used in response to power outages in special circumstances, or used during transportation to maintain the freshness of food and prevent food from spoiling;

5. Similar to ice cubes, but with relatively strong applicability;

7. It can be used as a quick-cooling product, especially in some cases that require rapid cooling, a small bag of medical ice packs can play a more powerful role.

In general, medical ice packs are mainly cold compresses and refrigeration. Although ordinary ice packs or ice cubes with the same function can also play a role, relatively speaking, medical ice packs are more suitable for human use and have better quality. Especially when it is applied to wounds with ice, it is not easy to cause bacterial infection.