Size: 100ml

Formulated with mild moisturizing formula, Hymagic-4D and Allantoin. ZQ-II Moisturizing Toner gently renews skin while keeping it moisturized and healthy, setting a clean and balanced stage for skincare routine.

• 4D HA formula for skin hydration

• Long-lasting hydration

• Milk-like texture, easily spreads, quickly absorbed


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      •  Hydrolyzed Collagen

      •  Hyaluronic Acid


     Dry, Normal, Sensitive, Combination


     Sweep 2-3 pumps over face and neck morning and evening



Moisturizing Toner can be used in a variety of ways, as follows:

1. Wiping method: Pour the hydrating toner on a cotton pad and make it fully absorbed. Wipe from the inside to the outside along the texture of the skin, so that the appearance of fine lines will not be excessively pulled.

2. Before using the cotton sheet, you should first determine the direction of the cotton sheet on the palm, and the fiber direction on the cotton sheet should be kept perpendicular to the fingers. Let moisturizing facial toner fully soak the cotton pad, and then gently wipe the cheeks. Be careful not to use force, so as not to damage the stratum corneum.

3. Patting method: first pour moisturizing toner for dry skin on a cotton pad, and apply the lotion on the face with a pat, and fully pat all parts of the face to help absorb the lotion.

4. Soaking facial mask: You can use moisturizing toner essence to soak and compress the facial mask and apply it on the face to moisturize the skin more.

5. Be sure to apply lotion after using toner, otherwise the skin moisture is easy to lose, and lotion can lock the skin's moisture.

The effect of moisturizing toner:

The main functions of moisturizing toner are hydrating and secondary cleansing, and of course there are some other functions. After washing the face, the skin will appear tight and dry, apply toner in time, the water will quickly penetrate into the sebum membrane, making the skin look smooth, bright and elastic.

Make full use of the pore-shrinking effect of toner, which can play a good oil control effect, which is very good for the skin with strong oil secretion. And most of the oil control toners contain ingredients that cleanse and absorb oil, which can effectively remove excess oil on the face and create a dry facial skin for you.

If you feel tightness and discomfort on your face, just dab a toner on your face, which is enough to feed your hungry skin immediately. The moisturizing water containing hyaluronic acid, amino acids, sorbitol and other ingredients can moisturize the skin more effectively and immediately, so that the skin does not become tight.

It moisturizes the eyes and lips, but these parts are also easy to dry. The toner is lighter in texture and easy to penetrate, so it is not afraid to block the pores of the skin around the eyes and lips. It is a recommended product to provide timely moisturizing effect to the skin. The skin around the eyes and lips is very sensitive. Toners applied to these areas must not be too irritating. Anti-allergic formulas and plant-based moisturizers are all good choices.

The number of people suffering from insufficient sleep and stress is increasing. These factors can lead to thickening of the keratin of the facial skin, lack of gloss and yellowness and lack of elasticity. Dip some toner with a cotton pad, and gently wipe the thickened keratin on areas where the stratum corneum is easily thickened, such as the nose, chin, and forehead. The thickened keratin can be easily taken away. Clean up.