Size: 15g

.ZQ-II Renewal Eye Cream can visibly soften the look of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and promote microcirculation around eye area. With healing hydration and anti- oxidization, an ageless transformation unfolds.

• Contains Vitamin E Ubiquinone to nourish and smooth skin around the eyes

• Helps relieve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crepiness

• With healing hydration and anti-oxidization


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     •  Ubiquinone

     •  Vitamin E

     •  Shea Butter

     •  Jojoba Butter 


    All skin types with slack, wrinkle and dull skin around eyes area


    Apply a small amount using ring finger to eye area and expression areas while massage till                    absorbed



Eye care is a link that many people attach great importance to, and the elders who do not like skin care at home also save nothing and will not omit Renewal Eye Cream. Renewal Smoothing Eye Cream is a skin care product specially used for eye skin care. Depending on the ingredients added, it has different effects. Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream generally has the effects of moisturizing, diminishing fine lines, and relieving dark circles. In fact, only by clarifying the function of the product and sorting out the skin problems of one's eye can the right medicine be prescribed and the skin of the eye can be better cared for.

What is the role of eye cream?

According to different eye cream products, its functions are roughly divided into: moisturizing, moisturizing, diminishing eye bags, dark circles, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, and diminishing eye wrinkles, etc.


For women around the age of 20, hydrating and moisturizing is the most important care for the eye skin. Otherwise, dry lines will occur around the eyes due to lack of water. If the dry lines are ignored, they will develop into fine lines that cannot disappear. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is the most basic effect of eye cream. Numerous eye creams will add a variety of moisturizing ingredients and nutrients. When applied to the skin around the eyes, it can form a "protective film" for the skin, and provide nutrients to the skin.

Lock in water

Some dry eye skin is caused by lack of water, but some are caused by imbalance between water and oil (especially in autumn and winter), so it is important to choose an eye cream with moderate moisturizing strength. If the moisturizing power is not enough, it is easily to form dry lines, and if the moisturizing power is too large, fat particles will grow.

Reduce eye bags and dark circles

Once the bags under the eyes are formed, it is difficult to eliminate them. Except for aesthetic medicine, you can only insist on using products that have the effect of diminishing bags under the eyes for a long time. In addition to the formation of genetic factors, dark circles are mostly caused by internal factors, such as staying up late, eye fatigue, and emotional instability, etc.Therefore, to take care your body in good condition is also helpful to improve skin problems around eyes.

Anti-wrinkle & anti-aging

Women should include anti-ageing in their skincare routine when they are around 25 years old to delay skin aging. Except for the temporary dry lines caused by lack of water, which can be relieved after timely hydration, other kinds of eye wrinkles are difficult to eliminate once they form. Therefore, it is easier to prevent crow's feet formation than it is to correct.

Reduce eye wrinkles

For the wrinkles that have formed, choose the right product, match the correct technique and stick to it. This ZQ-II Renewal Eye Cream can also brighten the eyes' skin tone. Some eye creams will add a variety of anti-oxidant ingredients, which have a certain anti-aging effect on the skin. However, it is not enough to rely on eye cream to fight aging and tighten the skin around the eyes.