Size: 25g*5

ZQ-II Repairing Smoothing Mask is designed for postoperative laser care and daily routine. It improves laser post operation adverse reactions such as pruritus, pricking, burning sensation, taut sensation and erythema, drying, desquamation, while accelerating the skin barrier function to repair.

● CE, FDA Medical Device

● Fruit fibre membrane for deep moisturizing without irritation

● Formulated with asiaticoside, maintaining skin balancing care while providing comfortable soothing and moisturizing care with refreshing texture


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    •  EGF (Oligopeptide 1, 3, 5)

    •  Hyaluronic Acid

    •  Hydrolyzed Collagen

    •  Asiatcoside


    Dry, Normal, Combination, Oil, Redness, Sensitive, Laser post-caring


     •  For postoperative care, use it continuously for 7 days, 10-15 mins each time

     •  For daily care, use it 10-15 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week



Ordinary mask

Ordinary facial masks are skin care products of the "makeup" brand and are used for daily facial care. Depending on the ingredients, they have the effects of moisturizing and moisturizing, regulating oil, whitening and anti-wrinkle, etc., and must not add medicinal ingredients and claim to have therapeutic effects.

Medical cold compress

Medical cold compress (generic name), also called soothing repairing mask, or repairing soothing mask, is a type of facial mask that belongs to the category of medical skin care products, between skin care products and medicines. For problem skin, it can reduce skin sensitivity and be used as an auxiliary treatment method for drugs; for healthy skin, it can reduce irritation, maintain normal skin barrier and balance, and resist external stimuli. It is a product with a brand name.

Features of medical cold compress

1 Higher security

Different from the makeup face mask formula, the skin repairing mask formula is gentler and does not contain substances that can damage the skin or cause skin allergies, such as pigments, fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants; all raw materials are strictly screened and all active ingredients And safety has passed laboratory and clinical trials, and it is more safe.

2 Clear ingredients, more targeted

The active ingredients of medical skin care products are selected from natural plants. From the perspective of prevention and treatment of skin diseases, it is expected to achieve the dual effect of treatment and beauty, so that its effect is more targeted and its mechanism of action is clearer.

3 Clinical verification

Before the product goes on the market, the clinical efficacy and safety of the product are verified through human tests to ensure that the product is less irritating and the incidence of allergic reactions is lower.

When is the medical cold compress mask used?

1. The repair after laser cosmetology is not done once and for all. Symptoms of redness, inflammation, and itching may occur. The medical cold compress can relieve pain and shorten the recovery time.

2. For sensitive skin and other barrier-damaged skin care, medical cold compresses can reduce skin sensitivity, have super high water replenishment, reach the bottom of the skin and quickly absorb it, lock the moisture firmly for the skin, and keep the skin bright and shiny .

3. Everyone cares about skin problems. Not only the pain is uncomfortable, but the redness or inflammation on the face will affect their overall appearance. Who doesn't want to be beautiful. Especially when the temperature difference is relatively large during the season, the skin is prone to problems. In this case, the medical cold compress can also help you soothe your skin and keep your skin in a healthy state.

4. The medical cold compress is mainly used for postoperative repair, so the aseptic production process is gentle and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types, including pregnant women, even babies with delicate skin can be used. However, even if the medical cold compress is easy to use, it should not be used too frequently. The same is true for ordinary facial masks. Excessive maintenance will cause excess nutrition and burden the skin. Therefore, it is best to control the frequency of use of the facial mask about 2 times a week.

How to use medical cold compress

1. It is similar to the normal mask. No matter which mask you use, you need to remove makeup. Only by thoroughly cleaning the face can the skin be fully absorbed. Put a hot towel on your face first, or use warm water to open the pores when washing your face.

2. When applying the mask, start from the wings of the nose, so that the mask fits the face smoothly, and the edges of the mask should be smoothed as much as possible. The time for applying the mask should not be too long for 15-20 minutes. Don't think that you will be done after applying the mask. The usual skin care steps must be continued, so that the moisture can be locked firmly.

The ingredient list of the medical cold compress is very simple. Although the ingredients are simple, it is very particular about the production process. It does not use a variety of additives like ordinary masks, and it is precisely because of this that it can be gentle and non-irritating to the skin.

ZQ-II Repairing Soothing Mask, made of fruit fiber. It can be used directly for emergency repair, micro-surgery, laser surgery, and allergic inflammation. Contains EGF epidermal cell growth factor, which has strong water absorption and skin adhesion. After a few minutes, the film will naturally tighten and promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin. The section is clean and does not contain dust fibers. It can be used in conjunction with the introduction of sodium crystal to open the skin absorption channel painlessly and non-invasively, maximize the effect of EGF and nutrients, and promote the absorption of subsequent products by more than 10 times.